Things to Remember...

DAYS AT MY DESK 005 - Things to remember...

I cant decide on any resolutions this year apart from focus of my creative work and getting better. There are a few things, however, that I want to bare in mind as I go forward into the new year.

Move On - I don't mean necessarily letting go of the past, but what is done is done, and I have made some great memories from 2014. And thats just it, memories. I like to look back and I can see my live has done a whole 360 degree turn, but i'm fine  with that, all is good. Just don't let anything hold you back...move on, move forward.

Embrace Change - I think I am in for a few changes this year. Career wise, I am unsure where it is going and have learnt that there is nothing I can do about it right now other than embrace it. As I mentioned above, my life has changed, I made the most of it. Sometimes you have no control over the cards you are dealt in life, so my advice it to just go with it and don't stress. Learning curves and all that.

Be Kind - I always say it. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to those around you. It is a simple as that.

Stay Happy - This is a biggy for me; I have learnt in life, that I have to do the things that make me happy. What I don't mean is quitting on the first signs of things going wrong. If in the long run, if I feel something is making me unhappy, or effecting my wellbeing, then I change it. It is again about learning what is good for you. We have one shot at life, the least we owe ourselves is to have a happy life.

DAYS AT MY DESK 004 - Things to remember...

Thats is it for 2014. It has been fun, memories have been made, things have been challenging, but over all it has all been a good year. I am more than ready for 2015 and seeing where this next chapter of my life takes me. New Relationship, New Ambitions and Working Hard.

Happy New Year to you all, from me, in my little studio space.

Stay Happy, Stay Creative. 


Ways to Stay Organised.

Staying Organised

 - I use a diary, firstly to keep track of important dates and events (and birthdays!!). But I also like to write down deadlines for jobs that I have. I usually have a separate diary given to me at work, but use a Moleskine Diary for everything from noting down deadlines for freelance jobs, to-do lists and for personal use. I use Moleskines' because they are my favourite brand of journal. I like how they are set out, they have a useful pocket at the back for notes/receipts and I like how the look and feel. MC was kind to give a Soft Cover 2015 Diary to me for Christmas so I am already prepared for the New Year.
The built-in Calendar Apps on my iPhone/iPad/Mac are probably my digital favourite for keeping important dates synced across iCloud on all of my devices. I add everything to these calendars knowing that i can access it from everything depending where I am. It also gives you the option to colour code events and quickly switch your view from weekly/monthly and yearly.

TO-DO LISTS - I always write down lists ever since the days of revising for exams. I will then cross things out or 'tick' things off so I can visually see that I have achieved some of the tasks I have set myself, which keeps me motivated to get more done.
This is where my iPhone also comes in handy. I will write down a to-do list in the Notes section of my phone for personal projects, for example, I renovated my attic space back in October and had ONE week off to complete it. I wrote down everything I wanted to get done that week, including the materials I needed to buy and a shopping list for an Ikea trip. It was easy to check on the go, incase I saw last minute pieces I wanted to buy or if needed to change my schedule around. This again was synced across my other devices using iCloud. Simple.

NOTEBOOKS (or SKETCHBOOKS) - I take pens and paper almost everywhere I go because you never know when you need to make a note or you see something inspirational to jot down. I tend to use a sketchbook as I am more of visual notetaker. And again, I personally use Hardcover Moleskine Sketchbook because I love the quality. With a sketchbook, it is a continuous source of inspiration to support my creative work. For smaller quick scribble lists, I will turn to a small notebook gifted from friends that i keep near my desk. Its ring bound, so I can tear away pages when I no longer need that note. To go with my sketchbook, I keep a small case. (My current favourite is the Black and White Monki case my friend got me for my birthday!!). Inside I store a couple of mechanical pencils and my Parker Pen in for when I am out and about too. Its easy to grab and prevents pens hiding in the depths of my bag.

Staying Organised  Staying Organised

EMAIL MANAGEMENT- I have my email accounts linked to my devices so and I tend to check them as soon as they come through. I delete anything that I am not interested in straight away to leave me important emails at the top of email lists, so I can check them when I am at home and can pay full attention to them.

CLEARING THE CLUTTER - Keeping my workspace tidy and organised is a must. Dont get me wrong, it gets messy, especially when I have my art materials sprawled out everywhere. I do try to make a conscious effort to take 10 minutes at the end of each day to the tidy away things. I like to have a clean space to start working at the next day, otherwise my day just feels a little chaotic when I start off in a mess. I keep things I need to hand in cups and containers on my desk top and have materials and objects organised in my drawers accordingly. I have recently got a square cork-board to pin loose bit and bobs too.
As well as my work space, usually every week or two I go through my bag and just make sure there is only the essential items I need in there. I am terrible as throwing loose change and receipts into my bag, so I often end up with a little collection of things I need to sort out.

How do you stay organised? I would love to see some of your ideas.

Stay Creative, Stay Happy.




Happy Holidays to you all.
I done a little hand type sketch yesterday to get myself into the festive season. It was nice to sit down for 20 minutes to finish this off. Hopefully more drawing and such things over the Christmas break.

Enjoy all the shenanigans that this Festive season may bring.
Stay Merry and Happy, with Love. X


Days at my Desk - New Studio Space

Desk Days 001
Desk Days 003
Desk Days 002
So I have successfully been absent since my first ever post. My excuse...well, I have been poorly (I got diagnosed with Post Viral Fatigue and my normal routine has been crushed whilst I rest to get better). I work and then I sleep..that is pretty much it. I used to spend my evenings drawing, painting, going for walks and drinking Tea with MC.
Before this, at the end of October, just after my birthday, I recently decorated my room/studio space where I have a new Desk, Ikea goodies and an up-cycled furniture. I have fresh white walls which lay bare as I am yet to hang any art work, however I do  have a few postcards and photographs fixed to my walls with Washi Tape - Poor effort, I know.

I was hoping to share my working space more often on my blog, and so I thought to kick things off, I would share a few snaps from my Desk. No work, just a small collection of objects. (I'm sure this collection will grow)!

Whilst I focus on getting better for the New Year, I hope to start getting into the swing of things a bit more. I chose to start a blog for a few reasons really: To have a little space where I can write, (being Dyslexic, I need all the practice I can get) and to share and document my working progress so I can look back and see where and how my creative work has developed.

For now, I hope your are enjoying the festivities of this time of year however you may celebrate it.

Stay Happy.
Stay Creative.

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