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So I have successfully been absent since my first ever post. My excuse...well, I have been poorly (I got diagnosed with Post Viral Fatigue and my normal routine has been crushed whilst I rest to get better). I work and then I sleep..that is pretty much it. I used to spend my evenings drawing, painting, going for walks and drinking Tea with MC.
Before this, at the end of October, just after my birthday, I recently decorated my room/studio space where I have a new Desk, Ikea goodies and an up-cycled furniture. I have fresh white walls which lay bare as I am yet to hang any art work, however I do  have a few postcards and photographs fixed to my walls with Washi Tape - Poor effort, I know.

I was hoping to share my working space more often on my blog, and so I thought to kick things off, I would share a few snaps from my Desk. No work, just a small collection of objects. (I'm sure this collection will grow)!

Whilst I focus on getting better for the New Year, I hope to start getting into the swing of things a bit more. I chose to start a blog for a few reasons really: To have a little space where I can write, (being Dyslexic, I need all the practice I can get) and to share and document my working progress so I can look back and see where and how my creative work has developed.

For now, I hope your are enjoying the festivities of this time of year however you may celebrate it.

Stay Happy.
Stay Creative.

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