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My friends, My Birthday.

I want to share a few Photographs that I took of people who are very dear to me. This lovely bunch are some of my oldest and newest friends from where I live. This was the night of my birthday in October last year, MC was hiding out of the way not feeling to well, but this lot here making the most noise ever, laughing, singing and acting far younger then are years. But if there is one thing I feel when I look back at these photographs, is how happy they make me feel when I am in their company. And that is exactly it. Happiness. They are positive people, good to be around and I have lots of memories shared with these guys. Weeks can past and time never changes a thing. Being happy is one of my main focuses for this year.

My friends, My Birthday.

My friends, My Birthday.My friends, My Birthday.My friends, My Birthday.My friends, My Birthday.

It is important to spend your time with positive company. With people who support you and not drag you down. I am lucky that I have a good support network of friends.

Stay Happy, Stay Creative.
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  1. Being happy should always be a main focus. Have a wonderful 2015.


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