I Have Moved...Come say Hello...


I just wanted to let you know I have moved over to a shiny new Domain.


Please update your subscriptions, bloglovins, feeds and so on and stay tuned.

Blogger, you have served me well, but its time for new things. Much Love x x x

Stay Happy, Stay Creative.
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Hello Again // Getting Messy with Paint

So I started this blog and then disappeared for ages. Long story short, the Fatigue had been horrendous and it has been stressful because of redundancy worries. Well, I am feeling better, the fatigue has calmed down a bit and I am going to see a CFS/ME specialist in a couple of weeks so hopeful I will learn some new strategies on how to manage my time and tiredness. I also have a new job so am currently working out my notice to hopefully start my new role as a Support Worker next month. My boyfriend moved in with me and he has a new job, so it has been a time of fresh starts and feeling better. We can't wait. 

In regard of my art work, I have recently been experimenting a lot with abstract styles and getting messy. Is has been fun and colourful. I had a huge IKEA frame that I wanted to create some artwork for, so thought I would bounce back and share my progress so far.


Thats all for now. 

Stay Happy, Stay Creative.
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